Sidecar Rental

sidecar rental

“Sweet Sidecar, Dude!” is the premiere sidecar rental house providing authentic, World War II-era vintage and reproduction sidecar motorcycles to the film and television production industry. Our vehicles have been used in commercials for Hyundai, promos for the Jimmy Kimmel show featuring the legendary rock band “Kiss”, segments for TBS “Very Funny News”, and they have been rented out for photo shoots for Epic/Sony recording artists “Karmin” and Chris Rene.

In addition, they are also available for use for movie premieres, wrap parties, events and weddings. (As is our friendly goggle-and-helmet-wearing canine passenger, Mijo. He’s quite the sight dutifully performing his duties as co-pilot!)

Pretty soon you may find yourself saying, “Sweet sidecar, dude(s)!”

sidecar rental

Photo shoot for Epic/Sony recording artists Karmin

sidecar rentalsidecar rental

Photo shoot for Sony recording artist Chris Rene

sidecar rental sidecar rental

Hyundai commercial and promo for the Jimmy Kimmel show with rock band Kiss